With deepest sympathies…

BSL Crew Chief Chris Padilla and his 3 daughters (Ages 10, 7, and 3) suffered a terrible loss last Friday, 12/10/10. Chris’s wife Maria lost her life in an automobile accident. Arrangements are pending but they are hoping to finalize funeral arrangements today and are anticipating a Monday or Tuesday funeral of next week.

Chris expresses appreciation for the support shown to him and his girls.

A fund has been set up at Bank of America in the name of “Maria A. Padilla” to help with funeral expenses. The account at Bank of America is one way, but please be sure when you go in to donate to tell them you want to donate to the “Maria A. Padilla Memorial Fund”. There has been some confusion, because she has an open account there and at least one donation has gone into here checking account which has been frozen for 30 days. The account number is 444011732664. Also, Maria was part of a speed skating club and they have set-up a PayPal account for donations. The link is http://www.sprintersspeedclub.net/.

If you are interested in providing food for the family, it would be greatly appreciated. For right now the family has enough food for the remainder of the week. He is expecting a need for food next week when the funeral happens. He says things like uncooked lasagnas, breads, casserole, etc. Something they can freeze or refrigerate then warm up. If you would like to bring something by the office next week, we will arrange a delivery to Murfreesboro next Wednesday. We do have a fridge in the office for any items that require refrigeration or need to be kept frozen.

This terrible tragedy fall at a horrible time of year. If you are interested in helping out by providing Christmas gifts, Chris has said that for the younger two girls, June (7) and Carley (3), dolls,Barbies, and such would be appropriate and appreciated. Clothes are always appreciated for all the girls. Their sizes are:

Mariela (10 years old) Slim 10- 12 (very slim girl, pants must be adjustable)
June (7 years old) 7 – 8 Medium
Carley (3 years old) 3T

Thank you, so much. Our heart goes out to Chris in this terrible time, and we appreciate all the support our BSL friends have shown. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. Please keep Chris and his family in your prayers.