live on the green

Another amazing Live on the Green series!

We were so psyched to once again be a part of the Live on the Green series, the weekly festival sponsored by the Mayor’s office and Lightning 100 held on the Couthouse Green. The challenge for the festival is to be environmentally conscious about every production aspect, and the LED fixtures we use for the stage are a huge improvement over the power consumption of a traditional parcan lighting rig.

Check out this incredible time-lapse video by Jon Chema of the setup for the Band of Horses date (set to the amazing “Funeral” by Band of Horses, no less):

Live on the Green 2010 from Jon Chema on Vimeo.


Live on the Green: The Toadies

Thought it would be fun to share this video with you on a rainy day–it’s the Toadies performing their hit “Possum Kingdom” during the Live on the Green concert series:

Bradfield Stage Lighting provided the stage structure and the lighting for this concert series, and we had a blast doing it! In keeping with the environmentally conscious theme of the series, we used some of the new LED technology–particularly the ETC Selador Paletta 11 fixtures and the Elation Opti Tri-Par LED fixtures–to produce the event with very minimal power consumption.

So if you find yourself in need of a concert rig, give us a call!

Live on the Green

Just wanted to share this time lapse video with you of the setup, run, and take down of Live on the Green this past summer:

Live on the Green was a weekly event over the summer sponsored by Lightning 100 and the Mayor’s Office that Bradfield Stage Lighting provided the roof and lighting gear for. Since the event was all about being environmentally conscious, we used some amazing new LED technology to cut our power consumption. All of the stage lights ran off three single circuits! We were so glad to be included as a part of this concert series.

It’s amazing to see a 20 hour day compressed down into an eight minute video!